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Did you know that there are literally over eight (8) billion (with a “B”) websites on the internet? And that number grows by the minute. By some estimates they are growing at the rate of approximately 20,000 new sites, Blogs, etc an hour.

The world wide web is aptly named as it is receiving and distributing data, pictures, music, and other content around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By any measure it is growing exponentially as webmasters toil day and night trying to work content and SEO magic to capture a place in the sun.

It is somewhat of a miracle that anything gets catalogued in the web indexes or found on the internet. Ah! But the infamous algorithms of Google, Yahoo!, All The Web, Alta Vista, Copernic, Scrub The Web, MSN and other indexing services and search engines manage to do the job.

When each has it’s own protected secret algorithm for indexing and ranking websites what is a webmaster to do? Webmasters have love – hate relationships with these engines. When your website shows up in the top 10 or 15 listings we tend to love them when we don’t show up at all we hate them with a vengeance.

Many of the webmasters problems are of his own making. Webmasters tend to wear too many hats. A webmaster must be a webmaster first! If he is too lazy, too busy, or not interested in educating himself and staying abreast of the ever changing index algorithms and search engine algorithms he does not stand a chance. His web site may well be number 7,000,000 of 8,000,000,000 and he will never be found there by anyone who does not have or guess his URL.

Even when equipped with this crucial data, he must be willing to put in the time continually updating, fine tuning, promoting and marketing his web site. The website must be worked on daily to attract and keep the attention of those who decide whether or not it will be found on the world wide web.

Left to their own discretion most indexing directories and search engines only spider a website once a month or so. A webmaster can, however, cause their site to be spidered and updated every 24 hours or so. To accomplish this without spamming a webmaster must possess some knowledge, some experience, and some simple tools.

If a search engine, index or directory decides for whatever reason that you are spamming they could ban your site temporarily or permanently, then what? Not to promote, you are essentially banning yourself. Buying links or joining a link farm could have the same catastrophic results. But you must have links and lots of them to get a good position in the search engines. They must also be “quality” links. To add to the confusion each search engine defines “quality link” as best suits its’ own purpose.

The burden is on the webmaster. He dare not under estimate a good spell checker and a quality grammar diagnostic tool. But a handy hard copy of a thesaurus and a dictionary are necessary.

Then there are tools specific to the webmaster which he must have access to and use religiously. First among these are good stats reports. They are often provided by your ISP. When they are not or the ones provided are not detailed enough there several free as well as fee based options. Choose your favorite search engine and search for “free stats” which will return primarily free website stat trackers. In the alternative, search for the term “web tracker”, and you will get swamped by both fee and free stat masters.

Now we really get down to business… the business of getting the webmaster’s work found by those searching and driving those stats. You need access to back link checkers, broken link checkers, link popularity checkers, page rank checkers, reciprocal link checkers, website speed testers, search engine spider views, search engine previews, and much more. Computerman website design and promotion has just added many of these tools to its’ website for free use and are adding more every week… so use them. They are Free Webmaster Tools which can be used online and does not take up space on your computer or your website.

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