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Web design has assumed a great importance today with varied business activities being carried out on the internet. Hence, during web design and web development stages, the focus of the web designer must be to create search engine friendly web pages through effective use of SEO tools. Schools may teach you about aesthetic aspects of a website and so on. However, they never give you the inner secrets to higher search engine rankings. Here are certain crucial techniques that must become a significant aspect of your web design process in order that your website gets more referrals. These SEO tactics are here to stay.

Use Flash judiciously
Flash option while web design process must not be exercised too much. Flash brings out awesome web pages but it does not allow the search engine spiders to crawl through your content. Therefore, the search engines do not recognize it. Hence, SEO strategy during web development program must be manipulated according the needs of the business. Web design may however include the option of a HTML website version and a FLASH version, which will depend on customers’ connections (Dial-up or Broadband). Moreover, if you are keen on using flash as a SEO tool, a small square or rectangle of flash on the website may blend well. However, flash sites take time to load and the person may be distracted towards another website that loads faster. Therefore, web development must carefully consider this.

“Keywords rich text”
The keywords on the website must be placed meticulously. The must not be overused. Web development and SEO strategy must consider optimum but shrewd use of these keywords. All web design and web development would hold no good if the search engines consider your website as spam due to overuse of keywords. These keywords ought to be placed systematically on the content. They must reflect the paragraph and must form an integral part of it. Otherwise, web design needs to be modified in order to accommodate these keywords. The keywords are a great SEO tool that can boost your search engine rankings.

More keyword placement ideas
Keywords are the key to conversions. Hence web design must consider this aspect important. A website name using keywords can be highly effective. If your keyword for a website selling cheap holiday packages, then you could call your website This way, you can also place the keywords on your title tag. Wed design must therefore be specific to the needs of the business. Placing the keywords on your Meta tags also boosts web design credibility on the engines and their rankings.

This is a kind of tool used in web design process for web development. The main aim of the ALT tag during web design is that those who cannot download the pictures from a website can learn about the images from the ALT tag below. This tag gives a description of the image and enhances web development through effective SEO. Search engines consider this while ranking websites.

These techniques are the secrets for effective SEO, web design and web development.

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