Online Storage

Online storage can be inexpensive options for people who just do not have the needed space on their computer. Maybe you are running small businesses and want an additional backup site. A simple and cost effective solution may be online storage (also known as offsite storage).

These sites involve paying a monthly or yearly fee. Web-based backup services allow you to save and retrieve your files over the Internet. You can access them when ever and where ever you want.

This kind of service is a great addition to your pre-existing backup system. They allow you to backup critical files. You save them to a secure, offsite location safe from theft and fire A key focus of these companies is backup redundancy They have multiple sites where your files are stored. This will ensue that if one site fails, the others will still have your files.

With online storage, your files are immediately accessible from any web-connected computer. You still have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Not only does this guarantee your backup files are safe. You can now distribute files or presentations to your colleagues easier. You no longer always need to haul around your heavy laptop computer! Just connect online from any computer and you can instantly access your files.

For those of us on that ever-tightening budget this may be the option we are looking for. It may just be an option that you should be checking on. I know I will sleep better knowing that if the unexpected happens I will always have a backup to save the day.

By: RR Smith

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