Problem With Hacker Safe

The purpose of providing a trust mark on your website is to prove to your customers that the security of your site has been evaluated and certified by a third-party. Trust mark services are designed to scan for and in some cases repair vulnerabilities in the security of your network. A trust mark provides added confidence for your customers that their information will not fall into the wrong hands when they shop with you.

There are several different trust mark programs available in the e-commerce market, but to get the maximum benefit, it’s important to choose the right one. Hacker Safe is a popular trust mark program provided by Scan Alert. It offers customers daily security scans for vulnerabilities and certifies he results. Unfortunately, there have been some high-profile problems with Hacker Safe recently. Numerous websites bearing the Hacker Safe trust mark have been found vulnerable to potential hacks. Specifically, some of these sites have been found vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS). This type of attack can result in a number of serious breaches.

The reputation of a trust mark provider is the most essential ingredient to the service. Customers must have confidence that the third party authenticator is competent and reliable in order for them to trust their certification of the website. The holes in Hacker Safe’s scanning program erode the reliability of that trust mark. If customers know that even one site that was supposed to be secure actually wasn’t, the entire purpose of having a trust mark on your site is undermined. (Hacker Safe has recently been re-branded as “McAfee Secure.”)

Having a reliable trust mark on your site is a valuable tool in converting customers. Studies show that more than 70% of online shoppers look for a trust mark while shopping online. Some refuse to buy from a site that is not verified safe by a trustworthy third party. The best trust mark on the market today is the HackerProof trust mark from Comodo. The HackerProof trust mark program scans daily for vulnerabilities and certifies the results for your customers. Comodo has a long-standing and unimpeachable record for providing Website Security measures and authentication services for all types of online entities. The Comodo brand is recognized for security excellence by more than 100 million people. When your customers see the Comodo HackerProof trust mark in the corner of your website on every page, they will know that your site has been thoroughly verified for safety.

Having a reliable trust mark on your site can actually improve your sales. When customers believe that their information is 100% safe, they feel freer to shop. Many consumers report that they will look for another merchant if they do not see a reliable Trust marks providing security assurance. Comodo is so confident that their HackerProof trust mark will improve your sales that the service is free until you realize at least a 5% increase in your site’s conversion rate.

By: Vijayanand

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Vijayanand working as an online marketing co-ordinator in ID Theft team in Comodo, a leading Internet Security provider, offers a real time Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Fraud restoration services among others.

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