Free Satellite TV!

Television that comes through communication satellites is referred to as satellite television. Digital signals are beamed from satellites to users and these are of three primary types: signals received directly by the viewer, that received by local television affiliates for distribution, or reception by headends for distribution through cables.

Of the many satellite TV systems Dish Network and Direct TV are the main players. Both offer \”free\” satellite TV systems for four rooms with a bouquet of other services like over 250 program selections.

What is free to a first time user is the equipment needed to capture the TV signals. Otherwise one has to pay for viewing and choose a package that suits personal requirements. Many companies and online sites offer free services and enticing satellite TV deals but most of these are scams. Beware of traps and believe in the maxim \”nothing in life is for free.\”

Choose a service that has an established reputation and is authorized by Dish Network or Direct TV. The costs and charges must be transparent, and the provider must have a 24 hr customer service in place. Look for a guarantee that ensures a 100% refund if installation fails.

When ads scream \”Free satellite TV or Get a 4-room satellite TV System\” what you are being offered in actuality is enticement. A consumer gets the TV system installed and promotional gifts like a DVD or DVR free. But what you need to understand is that this is where the \”free\” part ends. Every month you will need to pay for programming services. Charges can include: activation fee of US$49.99 and then a monthly cost of about US $19.99 and subscription fees of US$ 31.99- US$86.00 for viewing 60-230 channels. In addition some providers ask for a deposit or prepayment.

So, to get digital viewing pleasure into your home you need to be prepared to spend $32-94 every month to view what is being promoted as Free Satellite TV.

Author: Steve Valentino
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