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DVD Business Cards

In the constantly evolving world of CD technologies, lot many innovations are taking place on a regular basis. The fad trend is to go for DVD business cards that enable businesses to establish their foothold in the industry. Business card DVD also known as mini DVD is been viewed as one of the most potent weapons for advertising a product in the market. It is quite easy to create business card DVDs. All that is required is a standard CD writer to burn the CD business card presentation.

Nowadays, a large number of businesses prefer to get their CD DVD Business cards customised so that the final output can best meet their personal requirements. CD DVD Business cards are increasingly making their way into presentations, training sessions, and sales catalogues. Of late, they have become a very powerful compact marketing tool. The amount of data to be transferred while creating business card CD DVD is largely dependant on the shape and size of the mini disc. is operated by Earth First Infotec Ltd, a world leader in providing high quality CD DVD business card services. We strive for excellence and are totally committed to take your business to new heights. We cater to the varying needs of our customers and provide them with numerous business card CD DVD options to exercise choice from. You can choose the shape of your choice; popular ones include square, ice rink and round corner. A Mini DVD has a storage capacity of about 500 MB and a mini CD can hold upto 60 MB. We not only give high priority to producing high quality business card DVDs and CDs but also lay emphasis on its packaging. We offer exclusive envelopes, folders and pouches to give an attractive look to the DVD business card. Eye catchy packages are not only great to look at but also protect the business card DVDs from all sorts of damages.

Business card DVDs serve as the best means to create a business video presentation within a short span of time. Earth First is well known for its excellent services. The best part is that its products are reasonably priced and the services are prompt. We believe in providing efficient customised solutions to our clients. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. We value each of our customers and try to meet their specific needs in the best possible manner.

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